Kings Norton Village Green - A Wonderful Open Space!

Kings Norton Village Green is on The Green, Kings Norton. Near Saint Nicolas Place and St Nicolas' Church. The Bulls Head is the main pub here. The Green is sometimes used for markets.

Where is Kings Norton Village Green?

Kings Norton Village Green is at The Green, King's Norton, Birmingham B38 8RS. Not far from Pershore Road South.


In brief

The Green has been at the public centre of Kings Norton for over 500 years. The 15th Century Saracen's Head was once house to the bailiff who was responsible for administrating justice for the manor. The Green has been used for centuries for markets, fairs and meetings.

Lychgate Kings Norton St NicolasLychgate entrance to the Parish Church of St Nicolas Kings Norton. Photography by Daniel Sturley


Kings Norton Village Green - history

The Green in Kings Norton has been used for at least the last 500 plus years, and has been the public centre of the village for all that time. During most of that time, the Manor of Kings Norton extended from Rednal to Balsall Heath, and was the property of the King.

The Saracen's Head was built in the 15th Century (next to the churchyard). It was once home to the bailiff, who was responsible for administering justice in the manor.

During the English Civil War, Queen Henrietta Maria, the wife of King Charles I, spent a night at the house on her journey from Yorkshire to gather troops and rejoin the King at Oxford.

For centuries The Green has been used for meetings, fairs and markets, although the area of Kings Norton Parish is much smaller now than in the Middle Ages, the number of people who come to The Green is vastly greater.

Kings Norton Village GreenKings Norton Village Green from the green plaque. Photography by Elliott Brown


Kings Norton Village GreenCar parking at Kings Norton Village Green. Photography by Elliott Brown


Kings Norton Village GreenFarmers Market at Kings Norton Village Green. Photography by Elliott Brown

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