Horse and Tamer statue at Malvern Park in Solihull

The Horse and Tamer bronze statue was originally in the grounds of Tudor Grange (formerly home of the Bird family) in Solihull. Made in 1874 by Joseph Boehm. In Malvern Park from 1953.

Public art: The Horse and Tamer - Malvern Park

Designer: Joseph Boehm

A statue of a horse and horse tamer. The bronze statue dates to 1874. It was originally in the gardens of Tudor Grange (now Tudor Grange Park). It was donated by Oliver Bird (related to the Bird Family who created eggless custard at what is now the Custard Factory) to the Borough of Solihull in 1944. It was then presented to Solihull Council in 1953. Who placed it in Malvern Park. The statue was vandalised in 2012, but was restored after donations within the year. The statue is Grade II listed.

Where? Malvern Park, Solihull

Horse and TamerPhotography by Elliott Brown



Horse and Tamer Group aka the Prancing Horse statue - history and details

The statue was sculpted in bronze by Joseph Boehm (1834-1890), a favourite of Queen Victoria.

The statue is remisiscent of the famous Dioskouri (son of Zeus) in Rome.

Made in 1874, it was originally sited in the gardens of Tudor Grange in Solihull, the residence of the Bird Family (of custard fame)

Captain Oliver Bird (son of Sir Alfred Bird Jr) bought the sculpture at auction after his motehrs death,

He donated it to Solihull Council and was formerly presented to the council in a short ceremony on 15th December 1953.

Horse and TamerHorse and Tamer at Malvern Park (January 2010). Photography by Elliott Brown


The statue was vandalised by metal thieves in 2012, but was repaired and restored by the end of the year.

Horse and TamerHorse and Tamer at Malvern Park (December 2012). Photography by Elliott Brown


The Prancing Horse statue looks good in any weather, including snow.

Horse and TamerHorse and Tamer at Malvern Park (December 2017). Photography by Elliott Brown


More than a decade after it's restoration, the statue is still in good condition, although there is bronze stains on the stone plinth below it.

Horse and TamerHorse and Tamer at Malvern Park (December 2023). Photography by Elliott Brown

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