Edgbaston Golf Club - A Birmingham Gem!

Edgbaston Golf Club is between Church Road, Priory Road and Edgbaston Park Road. You can access Edgbaston Pool from Winterbourne House and Garden via a gate. Edgbaston Hall is the clubhouse.

Where is Edgbaston Golf Club?

Edgbaston Golf Club is at 25 Church Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 3TB. Was formerly the Edgbaston Estate of the Gough family at Edgbaston Hall.


In brief

Formerly the Edgbaston estate founded by Sir Richard Gough in 1717 (who lived at Edgbaston Hall). Golf has been played here since 1896. While Edgbaston Hall has been the clubhouse since 1936. Also the Edgbaston Pool, which can be accessed by visitors to Winterbourne House and Garden.

Lodge to Edgbaston Golf ClubLodge to Edgbaston Golf Club from Church Road, Edgbaston (June 2011). Photography by Elliott Brown


Edgbaston Golf Club - history

During the English Civil War, this was the site of Edgbaston Hall, which belonged to Colonel John Fox. Also known as the "Jovial Tinker". The Edgbaston Garrison mustered here in 1645. By 1717, Sir Richard Gough purchased the hall from Thomas Belasyse, 3rd Viscount Fauconberg. He was an MP for Bramber. He rebuilt the hall. In 1776, Sir Henry Gough invited Capability Brown to lay out the park. It was later home to William Withering.

Edgbaston Golf Club was founded in 1896. The course was designed by Harry S. Colt. This included Edgbaston Pool, an 11 acre lake. It is an 18 hole golf course.

The Birmingham Civic Society in 1936 convinced the owners of Edgbaston Hall, the Calthorpe Estates to turn it into a clubhouse. The building is now a Grade II listed building.

Edgbaston Golf Club

Edgbaston Golf Club

Edgbaston Golf Club

Edgbaston Golf ClubEdgbaston Golf Club from Edgbaston Pool (May 2021). Photography by Elliott Brown


Edgbaston Pool

Visitors to Winterbourne House and Garden can access Edgbaston Pool via a gate for wonderful views of the lake. The lake is owned by Edgbaston Golf Club. Visitors to Winterbourne must leave by 4:45pm (when the gate is locked). There is no other way out. A gate at the far end of the path is private property for the golf club only. There is no access to Winterbourne visitors to that gate. Only members of the golf club.

Edgbaston Pool

Edgbaston Pool

Edgbaston Pool

Edgbaston PoolEdgbaston Pool (May 2021). Photography by Elliott Brown


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Edgbaston Golf Club

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