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Austin Park, Longbridge - A wonderful open space!

Development of the new Austin Park began in 2012 and it opened in 2013 at Longbridge Town Centre.

After the collapse of MG Rover in 2005, St Modwen have been developing Longbridge Town Centre ever since. The new Austin Park was started in 2012 and it opened in 2013. It opened on a plot of land between Bristol Road South, and the River Rea runs through it. It is near Bournville College, and ends near The Cambridge pub and Premier Inn hotel. Named after Sir Herbert Austin who's Austin Works were here from 1905 until it closed for good in 2005 as MG Rover.

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History & heritage, Photography, Environment & green action
People & community, Modern Architecture, Rivers, lakes & canals, Green open spaces

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07 Jun 2020 - On-going

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