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Leasowes Park, Halesowen - A wonderful open space!

Leasowes Park is a historic landscape located in Halesowen in the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley.

Leasowes Park in Halesowen, Dudley, West Midlands was designed by the poet William Shenstone between 1743 and 1763 the site is one of the most important and influential landscapes of the 18th Century and is considered to be one of the first natural landscape gardens in England.

Today, the Leasowes is of major historic significance, ranking in importance with such landscapes as Blenheim and Stowe. It is the diverse landscape of wooded valleys, open grasslands, lakes and streams created by Shenstone that makes the site so important for wildlife. The site has been managed with nature in mind since the mid 18th Century and as such provides a wealth of different habitats for birds, mammals, invertebrates and locally uncommon plant species.

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